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heyy jess!!!

guess who?? lol nah its becky. wow ur page is cool, though its a bit gloomy, put more colour in it :)

sounds like ur having fun already, dont know what ur doing in each of those countries though hehe hope ur staying safe. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARS loserwiener. i miss u of course, anyways i shall email soonies, just been crazy busy, worked all day today and will be tomorow till 3pm sigh.

luvs becky


oh and im not gonna make my own blog page obviously, u should feel special that i made an account just to comment on ur thingy haha. hows edson n mexico??

Jessica Brake

hahaha. i do feel special. i know... it does look gloomy. it might look better if i have piccies up later. i miss u too. and MERRY CHRISTMAS. or in spanish - feliz navidad!

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