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I did come an read ur blog.  Even that epic post u did.  I'm amazing I know
Its gud 2 hear what ur up 2!!
And I'm glad it snowed and sorry bout the snow down the run.  Yah I'm sure that must have been real fun. Ur skool seems really cute and small which is very sweet.  And horse paddocks, NAW!!! Also its gud the food is nice but I cant believe they exercise every afternoon, eek! That is intense.  I wudn't survive there for long. Speshily if I had 2 play hockey or netball... they're gay sports, then im not sure wat is a gud sport... They're beta than tennis.  That takes WAY WAY 2 much energy and co-ordination.

I love ur blog Defs comin 2 read it and see all the fotos u put up. Wow ur such a techy person.

And me?
Um well lets see I got in2 my course.  Been workin at a fish and chip place.  I always come home sleein like deep fried food. Oh and I got my ears pierced.  And I was talkin 2 beky 2day (we had dinner) and I told her how I had these awesum pac man earrings and she said that u had the same ones! lol! How friggin CUTE are they tho.  It was love at first sight.  lol i also got recycle symbol (u no the triangle of arrows) earrings,  Neway thought they were fun and environmentally friendly. I'm such a gud citizen, dont u think??? Now, just gotta hav shorter showers....

oh btw I dont say fully as much now

neway beta go

gud 2 hear ur having fun

Grace xox

Jessica Brake

bahahaha. i know, for sport just then we had running races and skipping and i died of a heart attack. not really, but i do think i pulled a muscle in my leg. but i'm still putting on weight! gahh! hockey requires too much co-ordination for me, but i quite like netball.

YES! I L O V E those earrings! naw, i want recycle ones too. i have about 28 pairs, but you can never have enough! haha, there's no drought here so i take nice longggg showers. well, they're like 6 minutes, which is long for me.

Pfft, i'm not techy at all. its just like having a facebook account. easy peasy. i'll put some photos of the snow up tonight! hopefully. if i can be bothered. after i do my washing =P i REALLY need to do some washing. 


28 pairs of earrings??? Lol reminds me of tamjiddle.

yeas okay vox isn't 2 hard, but i was a Graphics calculator gumpie so wat can u expect??  SO glad we never have 2 use those babies again!

naw doin washin sucks, mummy still does mine! But i do my own ironing.... hate ironing.  And cleaning showers? Hav u done that, it really sucks.

um, nothin new has really happened 2 me, working,enjoying holidays and havin money.

i hav 2 go and check out ur fotos.... mmm snow and yes u cud actualy eat it becoz its not like the articial stuff in Australia



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